Career Profile

An Enthusiastic Software Developer, IT Analyst, and System Administrator Apprentice with a driven work ethic.


Systems Group Member

September 2020 - Present

FSU Computer Science Department in Tallahassee, FL.

  • Lead physical server and network upgrades and assist in software upgrades and fixes for the department.
  • Help students with their hardware, software and department accounts.
  • Develop and deploy departmental software solutions.
  • Created a website with an integrated MYSQL database for inventory tracking of offsite assets.
  • Created a front and backend web service that tracked both wireless and wired IP/MAC addresses in the domain. This was to aid in finding infected network devices as fast as possible.

IT Intern

June 2018 - January 2020

Samsonite Corporate Office IT Department in Mansfield, MA.

  • Help diagnose and solve technical issues at the corporate office. Installed technology solutions throughout the office as well.
  • Manage company asset engines and perform yearly audits.
  • Manage company licensing for software such as Microsoft and audit yearly.
  • Cut $30,000 in unnecessary spending from Samsonite‚Äôs Microsoft Licenses.

Technology and Event Manager

May 2016 - Present

AAU basketball program serving the New England area.

  • Produce and edit highlight films for potential college athletes.
  • Develop and update the company website along with test new features.
  • Direct tournament sites by managing ticket sales, court scheduling, refeerees, and teams.


MS in Computer Network and System Administration

January 2022 - December 2022
Florida State University, Tallahassee FL

  • Seeking a Master of Science in Computer Network and System Administration
  • Masters project on image annotation through social media.
  • Systems Group Member and Graduate Assistant.

BS in Computer Science

August 2018 - December 2021
Florida State University, Tallahassee FL

  • Earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and Biology.
  • Former member of Cybersecurity Club and Tennis Club.
  • Computer Science Lab Monitor 2019-2020. Systems Group Member 2020-2022. Graduate Assistant 2022.


Image Annotation using Snapchat and Google Location Data -
Using image annotation to help image organization
  • One part of research project under Dr. Andy Wang of Florida State University. Using social media to help with image annotation and image library organization.
  • Python script and interactive GUI take location data files from Snapchat and Google and annotate local directory images with metadata.
  • Became an active contributor to the Pillow library for python.
Fantasy Baseball Stat Predictor -
Use advanced metrics to predict fantasy success
  • Python program that uses statcast data from the past 7 years of the MLB to find correlation between specific advanced metrics and fantasy success.
  • Ballpark factors and individual predictions to be added soon.
Roulette -
Java multiplayer GUI
  • Full multiplayer Java GUI that allows users to collect a bankroll, place any legal roulette bet, and change chip denominations for bets.
BMP Parser -

  • Python program that parses BMP files of different bits per pixel and converts the images into DIB arrays of just pixel data based on the header specifications.
Image Interpolator -
Maintain image quality while enlarging by interpolating
  • C++ project that interpolates images when expanded to a bigger size.
  • Interpolation is done with a given nearest neighbor algorithm, or custom built linear, bilinear, or bicubic algorithms.
Full Network Tracker -
Full stack program that logs and updates network activity in the department
  • Python front-end displays username, IP, MAC, first time they connected, and last time they connected with HTML.
  • Script additionally handles requests and additions. Queries to specific users, IP, or MAC addresses allowed. Input sanitization included.
  • MYSQL back-end ensures proper requests and entries are made
Department Asset Checkout System -
Full stack program that tracks department assets as they are removed and brought back to campus
  • Python front-end displays form to fill out about the asset and user with HTML.
  • Script additionally handles requests and additions. Queries to specific entries allowed. Input sanitization included.
  • MYSQL back-end handles queries and allows for both the creation, updating, and deletion of entries.

Skills & Proficiency


ManageEngine AssetExplorer


SQL & Databases


Adobe InDesign

Windows Server


Adobe Premiere




Git and GitHub